Lawn Mowing in Wet Conditions

Raleigh has had quite the rainy summer, which has been great for our lawn and landscapes, but has proven to be difficult when managing service for our valued clients.  One thing we have struggled with as a company is trying to determine if we have received too much rain to mow lawns, and how to adjust our schedule.  We always want to balance keeping up with our schedule, but also make sure we are not putting large equipment on lawns and causing damage and making a mess.  


There are not a lot of pros to mowing when it is wet, but sometimes you just have to get it done.  The only real advantage to mowing when it is wet is the lawn mower can knock off morning dew or precipitation from a light overnight rain.  This will help speed up the drying process, slowing down the potential for fungus or disease to develop. 


Never mow your lawn with an electric mower if it is wet.  A good way to test if your lawn is too wet is to walk the property.  If it feels spongy or water pools around your feet, it will be best to wait.  If your lawn does not dry out after a few sunny days, you may want to consider a drainage system as part of your Raleigh Lawn Care program.