Winter Lawn Care: Pro Tips

As Raleigh dips into frigid temperatures this week, probably the last thing on your mind is caring for your lawn and landscape. But now is the time to consider a few essential action items for your Raleigh lawn maintenance program.

Our area reaches very high temperatures in the summer, and with that comes one of our most pesky weeds, crabgrass. Once crabgrass germinates, it is difficult to control. One way to combat crabgrass is applying at least 2 rounds of pre-emergent weed control. Pre-emergent prevents spring and summer weeds from germinating, so now is the time to schedule those applications.

Even though grass may be dormant or slow growing, root health for your turf is still important. A winter fertilizer as well as a an additional fertilizer application in early spring can produce great results as temperatures begin to warm up.

Winter mulching is also a great consideration as part of your Raleigh lawn maintenance program. Mulching in the winter can have a number of benefits. Mulch will help prevent root damage from frost, help curb weed growth in the spring, and provide a nice clean contrast in color to your landscape.