Why Does My Grass Look Like It's Dead?

Raleigh lies in a transitional zone, so we see a number of varieties of grass do well in our area.  As we get through the final stretch of cool weather and approach spring, Fescue grass will thrive in the mild temperatures.  As you drive around your neighborhood, you will see that a lot of lawns are still brown.  These brown lawns are likely warm season grasses such as bermuda and zoysia, which are still in dormancy.  

As temperatures rise, these warm season grasses will begin to "wake up" and turn green again.  In the next few weeks, it is a good idea to get in an early mow even if the grass is still dormant.  Bermuda and zoysia perform best when cut short and often, around 2.5 inches.  

Now is also a great time to start applying your pre-emergent and spring fertilizers.  Pre emergent will help control crabgrass that becomes abundant in our long and hot summers.  Give Wake Pro Lawn Care a call now if you have any questions about your warm season grass.