Lawn Care Watering Tips

Watering Tips For a Healthy Lawn

Irrigating properly is crucial to maintaining a healthy lawn.  Too much or too little water can cause harm to your lawn.  Over watering can create the right conditions for fungus and disease, and watering too little promotes shallow roots and sets your lawn up for trouble in the summer heat.  

A general guideline to follow is to water to a depth of 6 inches, once a week.  This includes rain we get naturally, so as April showers arrive account for any rain accumulation in your weekly watering.  

You can easily measure the depth of your water application by pressing a screwdriver into the ground in various areas of your lawn.  Once the soil comes up wet to the top of the handle you can stop watering.  This will be achieved with about 30 minutes of watering per section, on average.  Make sure to measure low, high and shady spots and adjust accordingly.