Why choose Wake Pro Lawn Care as your lawn maintenance provider?  We treat every property like it's our own.  We only use the best equipment and the properly sized mowers for each lawn.  If it is necessary to use our smallest mowers to access delicate areas, that is what we will do.  

It is highly recommended to cut your lawn weekly rather than bi-weekly to achieve the healthiest grass.  Regular mowing promotes healthy growth and prevents burning or scarring of your lawn.  Cutting your grass more than 1/3 of its height at a time can stunt growth and cause damage and discoloration.  

We create a profile for every client of Wake Pro Lawn Care to ensure we make the necessary adjustments for cutting heights based on weather and time of year.  We also cut in different directions every service to make sure we don't create ruts in your yard and promote healthy growth.  

Our service crew always takes the time to move toys, hoses and other hazards from your lawn to minimize any damage.  Accidents do happen, although rarely, and if so we always make sure to notify the homeowner and remedy the situation.