Raleigh Bermudagrass Lawn Maintenance Tips

Bermuda is a warm season grass that thrive's in Raleigh's hot summers.  In the next few weeks, you should start seeing the brown (dormant) bermuda lawns green up.  This variety of grass is extra tough, and can withstand heavy foot and pet traffic.  Another advantage of bermuda is it's drought resistance, so it will stay healthy with less watering. 

Bermuda performs best when cut short, which is why it is often used for putting greens around the southern United States.  If you are deciding on a new variety of grass to install in your lawn, an important consideration is the amount of shade you have on your property.  Most types of bermuda need at least 6 hours of continuous direct sunlight.  Another consideration when choosing bermuda is the regular mowing required for proper upkeep.  Bermuda ideally should be cut at 1-2 inches.  This is best achieved with a reel mower, which protects your grass from being scalped.  A typical wheeled mower will dip into small holes and ruts in your lawn and scalp the grass, delivering an uneven appearance.  If you have to use a wheeled mower, set it at 2 inches and mow every 5 to 7 days throughout the summer.  

Even though bermuda is naturally drought resistant, water your lawn once a week to a depth of 6 inches if you have not received any natural rainfall.  If you ever have questions, reach out to Wake Pro Lawn Care for your free Raleigh lawn care consultation.