Got Mulch?

All mulch is not created equal, and before you decide to install your mulch this spring, you may want to consider the different styles that are offered here in Raleigh.  

Mulch is generally used a ground cover as an accent to your landscaped areas around your property.  It adds a nice contrast to your colorful plants and green grass.  Other benefits include the addition of beneficial nutrients back into the soil, and mulch can act as a weed barrier.  


Hardwood, or shredded mulch is one of the most popular varieties used in Raleigh.  Shredded mulch is typically triple shredded, so the smaller pieces lock in really well and are great for sloped ares as it does not run off as easily as larger kinds.  


Pine bark mulch are sold as nuggets are larger chips and have a unique looks.  Because of their large size they are susceptible to washing away and should only be used in flat spaces away from possible erosion.  


Designer mulch is a popular request because the product is dyed so it retains its color for long periods.  Something to keep in mind is that it is actually made up of ground up wooden pallets, so although it will have consistent color and shape, designer mulch will not add beneficial nutrients back into the soil