Timing Your Pre-Emergent

Most home owners in the Raleigh area are likely aware of the prevalence of weeds in their lawn, particularly crabgrass.  Taking the proper steps in advance of weeds forming later in the summer is necessary in combating these pesky plants.  At Wake Pro, we split your pre-emergent treatments for a few different reasons.  Pre-emergent herbicides create and maintain a barrier that prevents weed seeds from germinating.  Splitting the applications allows for a longer time frame of effectiveness, as well as accounts for any susceptibility to the elements such as rain run off.  With our often varying spring weather in Raleigh, splitting applications also allows the herbicide to combat early sprouting weeds vs later spring weeds.

The effectiveness of your pre-emergent can be increased by lightly watering in the product prior to the application, which activates the product and allows it to absorb into the soil.